Not All Acne Treatments Are Created Equal.'s goal is to give you unbiased reviews of the best acne treatments in the industry and show you the best products buy and use.

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What’s The Best Acne Treatment?

The acne treatment industry is rife with over-exaggerated claims made by aggressive marketers.

Don’t believe everything you read.

When making a decision about which acne treatment is best, consider these three areas:

  1. Science – it doesn’t lie.
  2. Consumer reviews – the average person is unbiased and wants to help
  3. Price – the “best acne treatment” needs to be affordable in addition to being effective.

Best Acne Treatment Requirement #1: Science

Ingredients should be tested for safety and efficacy. There are quite a few effective ingredients out there, such as benzoyl peroxide. You’ll hear companies tout it as the acne cure all. What they won’t tell you about is the host of nasty side effects: scaly, red, dry and flaky skin. Instead of benzoyl peroxide, we recommend tea tree oil. It clears your acne without wreaking havoc on your face.

Another ingredient that works is salicylic acid. Much like benzoyl peroxide, it may cause some nasty side effects: irritable, dry skin. Instead of using the man made salicylic acid, we recommend using the natural form, white willow extract. While it’s slightly less effective, it will be a much more pleasant experience.

Best Acne Treatment Requirement #2: Consumer Reviews

Our visitors have made this site more valuable than we could have made it on our own. Impartial visitors have left feedback and ratings for every acne treatment reviewed by our staff. If you’ve tried any of the acne treatments reviewed on this site, help others out by leaving a review of your own.

Best Acne Treatment Requirement #3: Price

Price is a factor in our ratings. There are some $80 treatments with the exact same ingredients as $40 treatments. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is true in most cases, but we point it out when it’s not.

For each acne treatment reviewed on our site, we provide links to the lowest prices on the ‘net. No need to waste your time scouring Google for the best price.

3 Best Acne Treatments of 2013

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