MaxClarity Review

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MaxClarityMaxClarity is one of the only acne fighting systems that comes in form of a foam.  Most acne treatments are creams or lotions which can be cumbersome to use and can make a mess.  Is it really better to use a foam system?

Some people said that they like the foam system.  In fact, on the MaxClarity website they say that nearly everyone likes using a foam acne treatment compared to a cream or a lotion.  

They must have had a small group of people that were specially chosen to answer those questions because a majority of people polled in other surveys have indicated that they do not like the foam.  In fact, they said that using it feels like rubbing hair mousse on your face.

The other thing that makes MaxClarity different is that it uses a combination of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to fight acne.  A lot of treatment systems use only one or the other instead of both.

MaxClarity Active Ingredients

Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are the main ingredients in MaxClarity.  Benzoyl peroxide is a peeling agent that will work by drying up blemishes on the skin and causing them to flake off.  It is also an antiseptic and kills the bacteria residing inside clogged pores to prevent future breakouts.  

Because benzoyl peroxide is an antiseptic it is harsher on the skin and is more likely to cause side effects such as dryness, itchiness, peeling, and burning.  In the three step system, MaxClarity uses 2.5% strength benzoyl peroxide in two of the products.

Salicylic acid is also a peeling agent that causes blemishes to peel.  Although it causes the same side effects as benzoyl peroxide they are usually not as severe or as common because it is not an antiseptic.

Does MaxClarity Really Work?

There are a few testimonials posted on the MaxClarity website.  We found a few of them to be kind of amusing because the before pictures don’t even resemble the after pictures.  For example, one of the girls on the website has a cleft chin in the after picture but in the before picture her chin is smooth.  

It doesn’t seem like an acne treatment system could cause a change like that.

Anyway, responses to MaxClarity vary.  Some people think it is a great product and others cannot get past the smell.  Because it uses low concentrations of the active ingredients people were less likely to experience side effects than with other products.  However, that also means that some people with more moderate acne were not able to see as many results.  Many people reported that at first MaxClarity worked great but then after just a few days it stopped working.


It’s certainly not a very expensive acne treatment system.  It is only $20 for about 2 months which is significantly less than some other products.  It could be less expensive because it is not as powerful or as effective but if you just have mild acne you may see results when using MaxClarity.  

The benefit of using a product with such a low concentration of the active ingredients is that you are less likely to notice side effects.

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The actual formula relies on a variety of natural antibacterial agents such as green tea and tea tree oil, as well as crucial vitamins like A, B5, and E. The great thing about the formula is that it is effective without exposing your skin to the uncomfortable, and even painful side effects of harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide.